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25/01/2017 | Lê Văn | Bản tin số 52

Giáo sư, Nhà giáo Nhân dân Đinh Xuân Lâm, nguyên Phó Chủ tịch Hội Khoa học Lịch sử Việt Nam đã từ trần 14h30 ngày 25/1/2017 (tức 28 tháng Chạp năm Bính Thân 2016) tại Hà Nội, hưởng thọ 92 tuổi.

27/01/2017 | Lê Hồng Hạnh - Lê Anh Dũng | Bản tin số 52

Sáng ngày 27/1, tức ngày 30 Tết Nguyên đán, hàng nghìn người đã tề tựu tại Nhà tang lễ Bộ Quốc phòng số 5 Trần Thánh Tông, Hà Nội đưa tiễn vị giáo sư tài danh Đinh Xuân Lâm.

JAN. 23, 2017 | Sasm Roberts | Bản tin số 52

Charlie Liteky, a former Army chaplain who received the Medal of Honor for bravery in Vietnam, only to return the medal two decades later as a protest of American foreign policy in Central America, died on Friday in San Francisco. He was 85.

JAN. 25, 2017 | VIRGINIA HEFFERNAN | Bản tin số 52

Mary Tyler Moore, whose witty and graceful performances on two top-rated television shows in the 1960s and ’70s helped define a new vision of American womanhood, died on Wednesday in Greenwich, Conn. She was 80.

JAN. 9, 2017 | NIDA NAJAR | Bản tin số 52

NEW DELHI — Om Puri, one of the most acclaimed Indian actors of his generation, whose four-decade career included appearances in well-received British and American films, died on Friday at his home in Mumbai. He was 66.

JAN. 11, 2017 | Mike Ives | Bản tin số 52

HONG KONG — In the early 1960s, a young ornithologist successfully persuaded Vietnam’s top leaders, including its founding president, Ho Chi Minh, to designate a tract of land near the capital as the country’s first national park.

JAN. 8, 2017 | ALAN COWELL | Bản tin số 52

Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a former president of Iran and a founder of the Islamic Republic, who navigated the opaque shoals of his country’s theocracy as one of its most enduring, wiliest and wealthiest leaders, died on Sunday in Tehran. He was 82.

JAN. 31, 2017 | RICHARD SANDOMIR | Bản tin số 52

Emmanuelle Riva, whose performance in the antiwar film “Hiroshima Mon Amour” in 1959 placed her at the center of the French New Wave — and who, more than 50 years later, became the oldest person nominated for an Academy Award for best lead actor or actress, as a woman debilitated by strokes in “Amour” — died on Friday in Paris. She was 89.

9-Jan-17 | Đ.Q.A.T. | Bản tin số 52

PARIS, Pháp – Họa sĩ Phạm Tăng nổi tiếng trong các lãnh vực Hội Họa, Trang Trí, Ðiêu Khắc, Thiết Kế Sân Khấu, vừa qua đời vào lúc 9 giờ 20 phút sáng ngày Thứ Hai, 9 Tháng Giêng, 2017, tại Paris, hưởng thọ 93 tuổi.

JAN. 14, 2017 | MARGALIT FOX | Bản tin số 52

Zhou Youguang, known as the father of Pinyin for creating the system of Romanized Chinese writing that has become the international standard since its introduction some 60 years ago, died on Saturday in Beijing, Chinese state media reported. He was 111.