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19/09/2015 | Lê Tâm (theo Education News) | Bản tin số 36

Theo một bản báo cáo do hiệp hội các giới chức tài chánh đại học, có tên National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO), đưa ra tuần qua thì có khoảng 90% các sinh viên năm đầu đại học ở Hoa Kỳ được hưởng học bổng từ các trường họ theo học, một con số cao nhất từ trước tới nay. Số tiền này thường đủ để trả khoảng hơn 54% số học phí và lệ phí cho các sinh viên toàn thời gian năm đầu.

06/09/2015 | Nhóm PV | Bản tin số 36

Trẻ thừa cân, béo phì vì thiếu vận động khi lịch học dày đặc. Ở nước ngoài, giờ học thể dục gấp đôi Việt Nam... là những điều đáng chú ý của vấn đề trẻ béo bụng.

SEPT. 9, 2015 | MICHAEL D. SHEAR | Bản tin số 36

At an event near Detroit, Mr. Obama announced the creation of a national advisory board to push the idea that community college should be free for many students across the country.
Many Republican lawmakers have reacted coolly to Mr. Obama's plan to spend $60 billion over the next 10 years to make community college free for qualified students. The president first announced the plan in January. Congress, however, appears unlikely to approve a costly proposal by Mr. Obama in the waning months of his presidency.

SEPT. 12, 2015 | MICHAEL D. SHEAR | Bản tin số 36

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Saturday abandoned his two-year effort to have the government create a system that explicitly rates the quality of the nation's colleges and universities, a plan that was bitterly opposed by presidents at many of those institutions.
Under the original idea, announced by Mr. Obama with fanfare in 2013, all of the nation's 7,000 institutions of higher education would have been assigned a ranking by the government, with the aim of publicly shaming low-rated schools that saddle students with high debt and poor earning potential.
Instead, the White House on Saturday unveiled a website that does not attempt to rate schools with any kind of grade, but provides information to prospective students and their parents about annual costs, graduation rates and salaries after graduation.

14/09/2015 | Annie Waldman and Sisi Wei | Bản tin số 36

NYU is not the only university with a billion-dollar endowment to leave its poorest students with heavy debt loads. More than a quarter of the nation's 60 wealthiest universities leave their low-income students owing an average of more than $20,000 in federal loans.
At the University of Southern California, which has a $4.6 billion endowment, low-income students graduate with slightly more debt than NYU's graduates: $23,375. At Boston University ($1.5 billion endowment), it's $27,000, and at Wake Forest University ($1.1 billion endowment) low-income students graduate with $29,150 in debt.

SEPT. 20, 2015 | JOSEPH BERGER | Bản tin số 36

The school's enrollment plummeted to fewer than 100 last year from over 500 in the 1960s. Teachers were dropped, a series of superintendents quit, extracurricular activities were cut and maintenance at a school where unshined shoes can result in a demand for 20 push-ups seemed haphazard. A recent visit showed the school was rundown, with ceiling plaster speckling the chapel organ that Mr. Sondheim once played.

10/09/2015 | Pete Carey | Bản tin số 36

SANTA CLARA -- News that Intel will drop support of the iconic Intel Science Talent Search produced expressions of surprise in Silicon Valley and sadness from the company's former CEO most identified with the competition for high school students.
It was under Barrett, the chip giant's CEO from 1998-2005, that Intel adopted the Science Talent Search in 1998, taking over from Westinghouse.
The program attracts thousands of U.S. high school students every year to compete for prizes and a trip to Washington, D.C., for the top 40 finalists.

SEPT. 10, 2015 | NEIL IRWIN | Bản tin số 36

The center of gravity for economic thought in the United States has long been found along the two miles in Cambridge, Mass., that run betweenHarvard University and M.I.T. But there is new competition for that title, and it is quite a bit farther west.
Stanford University has lured an all-star lineup of economists to Palo Alto, Calif., in the last few years — and fended off Harvard's and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's attempts to woo Stanford economists.

SEPT. 11, 2015 | NOAH REMNICK | Bản tin số 36

The idea has circulated around campus for decades, to minimal effect. But this academic year, galvanized by the massacre in Charleston and the removal of the Confederate flag outside the South Carolina State House, Yale finds itself in a renewed debate over its historical ties to slavery and the symbols of that affiliation.

SEPT. 29, 2015 | JOSHUA OPPENHEIMER | Bản tin số 36

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the beginning of a mass slaughter in Indonesia. With American support, more than 500,000 people were murdered by the Indonesian Army and its civilian death squads. At least 750,000 more were tortured and sent to concentration camps, many for decades.
The victims were accused of being "communists," an umbrella that included not only members of the legally registered Communist Party, but all likely opponents of Suharto's new military regime — from union members and women's rights activists to teachers and the ethnic Chinese. Unlike in Germany, Rwanda or Cambodia, there have been no trials, no truth-and-reconciliation commissions, no memorials to the victims. Instead, many perpetrators still hold power throughout the country.